How does this site work?

We DO NOT take a large percentage of the Sourcer’s or Buyer’s deal price/fee. Once you have registered and the Administrator has approved your registration after payment of the Registration invoice, you can list or purchase as many properties through this site as you like during your membership period.


Technically, as a sourcer, you could list and sell 10 properties in week for a single small fee and the same applies to a potential investor.


Who can we help?

If you source properties in any part of the country, then you can certainly benefit by a membership to this site. Rather than having to maintain a database of your own and manage that list by adding a contact at a time, you can access our investors and property buyers who are keen to look at your deals.

Please join and post unlimited number of your deals here. You choose how much to get paid for your efforts in sourcing the deal!

Sourcer (weekly) – £50, which lasts for 7 days from the date of the registration and allows you to list an unlimited number of properties.

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If you are looking to downsize, upsize or buy your first property – we may just have the right deal for you!

Properties here are, generally, discounted from the standard market prices because of our creative sourcing methods. Please look through our database or contact us through the website to let us know of your requirements.

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If you are a property investor and looking to add more to your portfolio or indeed looking to diversify into commercial developments and purchase development land or look at other refurbishment opportunities, then do get in touch and look at the varied range of deals available through us.

Buyer/Investor – £90, which lasts for 7 days from the date of the registration and we take no ‘cuts’ from the seller or you.

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